Lloyd Gallery - Ben & Ann's grandchildren
~ a collection of memorabilia associated with our family - people, places, events and things!
   If you have something that's not here please send it in.
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Norman Lloyd and Sam Talbot
Unknown ... another Talbot?
Grace & Marjorie Hastwell
Marjorie Hastwell, daughter of John & Fanny
Reginald Hastwell
Myrtle Lloyd, daughter of George & Ellen
Clive, son of George & Ellen
Clive & Dot Lloyd, children of George & Ellen
Clive & Dot - teenagers
Harold Lloyd, son of Samuel and Annie
Thelma & Vera, daughters of Ben and Emma
Vera Duncan nee Lloyd and her daughers Audrey and Margaret
Ernest & Ethel Lloyd's children
Unknown mother & children
Unknown children
Maida Vale Boys - Len (second from left) & Ross (third from left seated), sons of Alf and Edith
Maida Vale School 3445, near Hopetoun, Vic.
Kybybolite School, 1915 - Howard (3rd from right middle row), Arnold (far left front row), sons of Alf and Edith