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Anna Maude Blackmore nee Hanmer ~ 1st wife of George
Painswick Pioneers reunion - 1904
John Blackmore seated front left.

Sam Blackmore and Fred Warnica driving horses.
Sam Blackmore and Fred Warnica building
Coxmill Road, 1910
Outside Fred Warnica's homestead c1892,
Miss Blackmore [believed to be Minnie] far left
1880 map showing  where lot 13 con 13 [red border] is but most people didn't own the entire 200 acres. At this time A.D. McDonald owned much of the lot and John Dodson owned the lot to the east (Sam Blackmore's father-in-law). You can see where Highway 11 cuts off the bottom right corner and the grey area next to it is where the general store [below left] was that had the post office and gas pumps, plus the school and church. Then there was a railway easement across lot 13 to chop up the lot more. Fred Warnica's farm was where the D.  is in A.D. McDonald. The picture of Sheard's Lumberyard [below right] would be just above the K in Painswick.
Coxmill Road, the road that led to John Blackmore's farm. About 100 feet behind the horse and buggy and bridge would be where John's farm would start and it fronted onto this road.
This road passed through the Cox's property who had a mill on the left where the Tollendal creek ran and why the train bridge was needed.
The bridge was originally called  "Longbridge" but was changed to Coxmill later. All the dirt building the ramp approch to the bridge was hauled by blacks with wheelbarrow, brought up from the U.S.A. as cheap labour in the 1850s.
Extract from John Ervin Lloyd Blackmore's Patent for a Gear Cutting Machine, Detroit 1921
"Queensbridge", Ash Priors, Somerset in the 1950s, John Blackmore's childhood home, much as it would have looked at the time of his birth