Lloyd Gallery - Lloyds in UK
Huntspill Parish Church 1863
Lloyd Family Homes, Huntspill - Ben's childhood home at centre
Huntspill Parish Church, taken during my visit in 1989
Ashcott Parish Church, 1989
Ben moved to Ashcott as a child with his mother and siblings after the death of his father George on his way to America, circa 1848, to forge a new life for his family.
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Front page of the family Bible, we think written by Elizabeth Kember Everdell, Jemima's daughter to Francis Everdell, her second husband.
Jemima Lloyd nee Kember - married George Lloyd 12/4/1830
Frances maybe, sister of Ben, daughter of Jemima - taken by J F Timms, London
Emma, sister of Ben, daughter of Jemima
Francis Everdell, Jemima's second husband
Elizabeth Kember Everdell, daughter of Jemima and Francis
Elizabeth Kember Everdell outside of Downs Farm with two of her children - May & Alonzo
Henry & Sarah Ann Lloyd - Golden Wedding 1911 [Sarah died in 1913]
Henry Lloyd 1933 [died 1938]
A young Emma perhaps? - taken by J F Timms, London
Parish church at Greinton - Jemima's home village
Main Road from Exeter to Bristol as it passes through Huntspill, just north of the photo below.
Pawlett Road ... Main Road to Exeter looking south. The Lloyd homes are just visible centre right just above the split in the rhyne.
Huntspill village looking north. The Methodist Chapel shown above is just past the big tree in the centre.