Lloyd Gallery - Alf & Edith
~ a collection of memorabilia associated with our family - people, places, events and things!
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Alf & Edith (Hammett)
Kybybolite School 1915 - Howard Lloyd, 3rd from right middle row, Arnold Lloyd, far left front row
Alf & Edith's house at Maidavale near Hopetoun, Vic.
Norman Lloyd & Sam Talbot
Edith & Ben  - note Ben's bad leg
Daphne & Ross
Alf, Edith & Ross
4 generations - Alf, Norman, Evie, Helen - Dec 20th 1948 - 1st Great Grand Daughter
Alf, Edith, Fred and Marlene
Len & the Stubbs' Graham Paige
Len & the Stubbs' Vauxhall
Len Lloyd, Newsagent
Alf & Edith's family - l to r - Norman, Edgar, Howard, Arnold, Len, Ross, Ben, Fred; wives - Beryl [Ben], Gwen [Arnold], Edie [Howard], Nora [Fred], Hilda [Ross], Cora [Norman], Audrey [Len] - missing is Evie [Edgar]
Alf Lloyd's boys who occupied all positions in the Lodge for the installation of youngest brother Fred - l to r - Ben, Fred, Arnold, Norman, Edgar, Howard, Ross, Len and Edgar's son Leo who also played the organ