Lloyd Gallery - Ben & Ann
Benjamin Lloyd, 1842-1914
"Sir John Lawrence" - Ben's transport to South Australia, departing August 2, 1862, ariving at Adelaide October 30
Ann Lamshed, 1841-1930.
Ben & Ann's home at Lake Sunday near Yorketown, South Australia
Ben & Ann and family, including George's wife, Ellen [second from left at rear], Maryann's husband, Henry Talbot [far left seated] and Fred's wife, Ann [second from right seated]
Ben & Ann's retirement home, Mitcham, Adelaide, South Australia
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Ben & Ann's monument Mitcham Cemetery, Adelaide
Ocean Chief 1864 (formerly Wild Ranger 1855) - Ann's transport to South Australia, 2/1/1864-7/4/1864
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Strathalbyn - Ben & Ann were married there by Rev John Tallack on 23/2/1865
Lake Sunday School
Ben & sons - clockwise from top left - Ern, Fred, George, Alf, Sam, Ben jnr.
Ann & daughters - clockwise from top left - Adelaide, Emma, Maryann, Frances, Ann, Olive.
Ann & Emma
Ann, elderly
George & Ellen
Fred & Ann
Frances & John Hastwell
George, Ellen & Clive
Sam & Annie
Ben & Emma
Frances &
John Hastwell
George's blacksmith shop, Yorketown, S.A.
Melville Shire Council - Ern Lloyd front right