"Oh, What A Musical!"
featuring students from
Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

Sandy auditions and earns a valued position at the VCA. Her talent is obvious and she plunges headlong into studies, rehearsals, and performances. Sadly the pressure of finding the cash to cover her fees and living expenses becomes too much to bear. Feeling like a puppet of the system she takes the only way out she knows and suicides. She is not forgotten by her peers however and her memory is imortalised in the words of the song she wrote and adopted by the college as its theme song.
Cast and Crew
Written and Directed by
John R. Hicks
Choreographed by
Vaughan Bruton
Rebecca Magazzu, Cameron O'Reilly, Nathan Smith,
Jacqueline Ison, Thomas Lambert, Alta Truden


Zoe Jacob, Darren Kowacki, Evan Drill, Tierney MacGregor,
Andrew Bailey, Ben Watts, Allan Hicks
From "Mr Producer's" Scrapbook.....
Off to London's West End for Work Experience, Dec. 2002
In a starring role as Vince Fontain in "Grease" presented by Tyrrell College, Sea Lake, 2001
John R. Hicks