Delivering The News
A history of the Stubbs and Lloyd family involvement in the
business sector of Sea Lake, 1914-1994

     With the opening up for selection of the mallee land south of Lake Tyrrell in 1890 there was a flood of settler families and storekeepers akin to a gold rush. Generally townships formed near fresh water. The freshwater lake, known as "Toll" to the Boorong, the indigenous inhabitants of the region, which was filled by the Dunmunkle Creek just a few miles south of Lake Tyrrell, was the natural site for a town. The town became known as "Sea Lake" following the submission to the Railways Department to have the proposed terminal sited near the freshwater lake and not Lake Tyrrell as originally surveyed. Early storekeepers set up their stalls on the north bank of the lake but with the new survey of the area, the ideal site for the town centred on the sandy rise just to the east of the lake.

     In 1897 the first issue of the Sea Lake Times and Berriwillock Advertiser was published, signalling the need for a newsagency. Edward Watts responded by opening his stationery business in Horace Street near where Pearce's Electrical Shed is now situated in the approximation of 36 Horace Street.

Best Street from the corner of Horace Street, 1906

E. A. Watts' Newsagency is at extreme right.